More than ever, customers value excellent transportation. Our unparalleled experience in Germany and across Europe enables us to offer operations know-how that delivers outstanding quality and safety results.

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High-speed Trains

Our high-speed rail operations have been connecting hubs since 1991. With a current fleet of 289 ICE trains, we are used to speeds of up to 320 km/h in dedicated as well as mixed operations. Every year, over 83 million passengers use our high-speed services to reach their destination – whether on our German network, or enjoying our international connections to cities such as Vienna, Brussels and Paris.

Intercity Regional Trains

With an extensive network of regional and intercity trains, we bring millions of passengers each day to their desired destination in a punctual, safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly way. Our regional train operations cover a variety of transport types, from small regional branch lines to high-performance transport with a speed of up to 160 km/h.

Our regional services do not only operate in Germany, but also across borders to neighbor states in the UK, Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.

Metro Trains

We connect urban networks through reliable and high-performing metro systems. With the S-Bahn (rapid transit) systems in Berlin and Hamburg, our partners trust us to deliver sustainable, eco-friendly and comfortable journeys. We offer high operational performance, with headways as low as 90 seconds.

Light Rail Trains / Tramway

In addition to our operation of light rail (LRT) and tramway services throughout Europe, we provide infrastructure for tram-train services in several German cities. While en route in Sweden, Portugal, UK, Italy, or Karlsruhe, Kassel or Saarbrücken in Germany you’re likely to experience our light rail services.

Connecting Services

To connect more people to your network, we offer feeder services, as either a regular or a demand-responsive service. We’ll bring enhancements, whatever the mode of transport: at present, we operate more than 30,000 buses in over 15 countries in both rural and urban areas – from London’s iconic double-decker buses, to on-demand medical buses in Germany and the UK.

We operate carsharing programs in more than 300 European cities, and bicycle sharing in 50 cities. Even water is no obstacle for us – we’re already operating ferries and waterbuses in Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy. And with our autonomous driving shuttle Olli in Berlin, we’re already implementing the future of mobility today.

Ticketing Solutions

Our operations solutions do not just include travelling from A to B, but also the integration of ticketing systems across different transport modes. Our service offering even includes apps: our DB Navigator app is the most downloaded in Germany, while the Zugradar app provides a real-time view of the location of our trains.