As the market leader in European rail freight, mass transport of goods across borders and whole continents is our daily business. High safety standards and reliability are the core values of our operations.

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Door-to-door on Rails

Rail transport is safe and environmentally friendly but can be technically complicated. Not for Deutsche Bahn: we offer you multimodal logistics solutions from door-to-door, even if you don’t have your own siding or equipment and containers.

We are experts in bringing goods onto track– even for small volumes or palletized goods. With our multimodal logistics solutions, we combine the advantages of rail, road and warehouses: cost advantages on long distances, reliability and sustainable transports, mass-transport capacity, as well as flexibility and last mile delivery of small consignments.

For 25 years, we’ve even been crossing the North Sea to offer door-to-door solutions for our British customers.

Intermodal – Combined Transport

As the European market leader in intermodal transports, we know how to combine land transport, ocean freight and rail in an all-in-one logistics solution.

Beyond combined rail transport, we also bring expertise in transshipment and terminal handling services, pre-carriage and on-carriage of intermodal rail transports, equipment provision, loading unit and depot services.

Every day, we’re connecting Europe’s most important traffic hubs and ports with more than 1500 trains per week, and more than 2.7 million load units per year.

Dedicated Rail Solutions

Chemicals, steel, oil, paper, automotive, disposal, scrap – whatever you want to transport, we have a tailored solution for you. According to your needs, we ensure safety, reliability and speed by designing your customized rail solution from single connections to complex networks.

Be it just-in-time automotive transports or iron transports as heavy as 6400 tons in mixed traffic, we know how to handle your freight and rolling stock. We work with your various supply chain partners to achieve an integrated supply chain, and provide comprehensive management from a single source – allowing you to stay ahead of the game.

Industrial and Port Rail

We are experts in moving goods onto the railway. Be it your industrial sites or port terminal, we link it to the railway network and therefore contribute to the reduction of road traffic. In Hamburg, Germany’s largest port, we are already proving our handling and transloading competency by shunting, feeding and perfectly matching logistics trains.

As a result, we ensure precise, to-the-minute cycle frequency day and night. Besides ports, we already operate 4,200 rail sidings for our customers. Our efficient handling benefits not only you, our customer, but also the entire region through a flow-on efficiency effect.